Corporate Responsibility

Watkiss Automation is committed to being a socially and ethically responsible member of the community and recognises the obligations it has towards staff, customers, suppliers and the environment. The company has earned a reputation for honesty and fairness. In essence, Watkiss treats others as it would like to be treated itself.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Impact

The company continuously looks for ways to reduce its consumption of energy and resources in order to minimise the environmental impact of its activities.

Watkiss has a company-wide scheme for recycling paper, cardboard and metal. Employees are encouraged to reduce paper wastage and recently, paper-based documentation has been phased out in favour of electronic versions.

In the manufacturing unit, new equipment has been installed that reduces water consumption by more than 90% and a paint recovery and recycling system is operated. Investment has recently been made in new software and metal punching machinery that reduces material and labour wastage, is more energy efficient and improves the working environment by reducing noise levels.

In the design of the products, Watkiss aims to increase its customers’ efficiency and reduce their consumption of power and consumables. For many years, the modular design of the products has extended product life and avoided early obsolescence. One of the more recent product developments, the Watkiss PowerSquare, completely eliminates the use of heat activated glue in the book binding process.


The company's greatest contribution to the local community is through the provision of secure, long-term employment to its workforce, most of whom live locally. Watkiss supports many local charities and organisations, and actively takes part in several company charity days each year. The staff are supported in taking part in charity fund raising events such as Race for Life and providing a Father Christmas for the local primary school’s Christmas party.

Relations with Suppliers, Partners and Contractors

Watkiss chooses its suppliers with great care. As with its customers, the company aims to develop long term relationships based on fairness and mutual benefit. Where possible, the use of local companies is preferred.

Major suppliers are audited to verify that not only can they meet the requirements of Watkiss, but also that they observe good business practice and conduct their business in a responsible way. Watkiss does not dictate how its suppliers operate, but will not work with businesses that do not have responsible practices.

Relations with Employees

Watkiss recognises that its employees are an invaluable asset. The company depends on their skills and commitment and, in turn, aims to be a good employer and to reward employees based on their skill and performance. It is the company's belief that the only fair criteria for treating people in employment differently are based on ability and performance. Watkiss aims to give everyone the same consideration and opportunity for employment, training, career development and promotion.

The company has a responsibility to its employees to create a safe and healthy working environment. Safety practices are followed and all employees are trained to carry out their job safely. Watkiss does not tolerate harassment, discrimination or bullying of any type. The importance of work-life balance is recognised and where possible, flexible forms of working are accommodated.

Good communication is promoted throughout the business. Regular team meetings are held to discuss business goals and address wide-ranging issues. Alongside this, Watkiss has maintained a family-business ethos and has an open-door policy that enables any member of staff to bring concerns directly to senior management.

Watkiss Automation has a low staff turnover: 50% of its employees have been with the company for more than 10 years.

Relations with Customers

Focused on meeting its customers’ needs, the company supplies the best possible product for their requirements, which provides consistent quality, reliability and safety in return for fair reward. Watkiss firmly believes that openness and fairness in its dealings with customers is essential to successful long term relationships.

Feedback and suggestions are valued in order to improve the product and service that are offered. Watkiss works collaboratively with major customers on product development and quality improvement plans.

Technical after-sales support is an integral part of the customer offering. Customised technical support programs for products and partners have been developed to ensure that the end-user of the products is well supported in world-wide locations.


Watkiss complies with all relevant Environmental and Product Safety regulations, including RoHS, REACH and WEEE.

Please contact us if you need a Declaration of Conformity for a specific product.