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Flexibility Ė the key to finishing excellence

Nottingham based Prime Litho Printing Services has built its successful, growing business by focussing on the total quality of the work it carries out for its nation-wide customer base.

Director Adrian Tolley believes that many of his competitors fail to invest adequately in all elements of their service and so ultimately fail to provide what customers really want. He comments:

"While printers willingly spend thousands on their presses, they often neglect the finishing department, a false economy in my opinion."

To ensure his company does not make this mistake, Adrian Tolley and his team regularly review the technology available to support the business. Currently they use two 52cm Heidelberg Speedmaster presses for two and four colour work and a small offset machine from A.B. Dick. When it comes to finishing, Watkiss is the only option for Prime Litho Printing Services.

Prime Litho

Adrian Tolley says:

"Watkiss is the most versatile kit available and not just when the initial purchase is made. Because the configuration of finishing equipment can be changed as the needs of the business change, adapting to cope with differing workloads is extremely simple and straightforward."

Having purchased a second hand 14 bin friction feed Watkiss Vario with stitch and fold some five years ago, an online trimmer was added later. Recently Prime Litho decided to upgrade this system to handle its growing workload, which had resulted in the company having to outsource some finishing processes for large jobs. They didnít like the lack of control that came with putting jobs out, so chose a new Watkiss Vario with eight SlimVAC stations incorporating suction feed.

Adrian Tolley again:

"Our new solution bolted straight on to our existing set-up with absolutely no problems. But with Watkiss itís more than just excellent hardware, their sales and support people are just as flexible and hard working as their equipment. They know exactly what they are doing and go out of their way to meet our needs."